Saturday, March 13, 2010


"we did this mix around 2002... it was supposed to be the first of a series of diss tracks... there has been tons of diss songs made (especially recently when it got trendy), and eventually we will make another volume. for now, enjoy this fairly diverse mix of disses...."

1-battle royal intro 

2-kool moe dee vs busy bee (live)

3-mc shan - the bridge

4-krs (bdp) - southbronx

5-mc shan - kill that noise

6-krs (bdp) - bridge is over

7-ll cool j - to da break-a-dawn

8-tim dog - fuck compton

9-ice cube - no vaseline

10-mc supernatural vs juice round 1 (live)

11-tupac - hit 'em up

12-eminem - hit 'em up remix

13-mobb deep - drop a gem on 'em

14-cormega- fuck nas

15-infamous mobb - mobb niggaz

16-jay z - take over

17-nas - ether

18-prodigy - hail mary remix

19-jadakiss - 8th wonder freestyle

20-mc supernatural vs juice round 2 (live)

21-ll cool j - 4,3,2,1 remix

22-canibus - 2nd round k.o.

23-ll cool j - the ripper strikes back

24-wyclef jean - try again

25-eminem - quitter

26-everlast - whitey's revenge

27-milkbone - 

28-boogie man - just you wait

29-masta ace - acknowledge

30-jeru - 99%

31-common - bitch in you

32-mc supernatural vs craig g

33-kurupt - callin' out names

34-canibus - who owns you

35-ali vegas - the apology

36-kool keith - jealous

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