Monday, July 4, 2011

DJ JS-1 "Dance MegaMix"

I took a month or so off to focus on my album, NO ONE CARES, which is out now. Thank you to everyone for your support, and if you didnt hear it, try to check it out. Soooo, I finally got around to doing another mix. I dont like to just put out anything, so i did something a lil different this time. This is a mix of older dance songs. It is almost 2 hours long and i "quick-mixed" in order to play tons of tracks. I kinda bounced around on the style of dance but tried to play a lot of the old school house records i liked. I'm a big fan of todd terry & masters at work, etc... I tried to reflect that in the mix. Lots of records from this era were using hip hop breaks & samples, and cuts. They were sampling older disco tracks and doing edits. It was great for bboys, dance (house & freeestyle) fans, hip hop fans, etc... Some of these songs were and still are HUGE in the club. Everyone liked some of these songs. There was different types of dance, the black people house music and white people house music is VERY different. lol. If there was one thing that latinos & italians had in common in NY it was Judy Torres and the Mic Mac records catalog. lol. Freestyle was it's own genre with good beats, but i did not include freestyle in this mix. I miiiight do an all freestyle music mix one day. Most of these songs were ripped from the original vinyl, some courtesy of Dj Ody-Roc and some from Dj Wayne (R.i.p.). The artwork is silly and probably been done a dozen times but i always wanted to do this mix n use that as the art. I hope you enjoy all these dance tracks blended together...

(i'll be posting the tracklisting (JUST SONG TITLES ONLY)

very soon...)

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