Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DJ JS-1 "Rap is Out of Control" (Mix 2)

Another live mix by DJ JS-1 cutting up and blending the newest underground hip hop songs. This was recorded live on May 20th, 2012... Shout out to Dj Eclipse, Torae, J57, and Dj Premier... There is tons of new tracks constantly coming out, being uploaded to youtube, different blogs, and my email inbox. There is soo many it is difficult to choose which will get spun and which will not, so i just spin the ones i personally like. I never play anything i don't like and listen to myself. There is an abundance of kids claiming they make "underground" hiphop, when in reality they are making fake Kanye beats, or they are fake thugs who are not getting recognition in the commercial world because that is all pop-dance music now, or they are just clones of some other artist, etc... I don't support that nonsense. Spinning throughout the 90's and being someone who was part of the "underground" scene and a supporter, i know the difference and i cannot be fooled. Underground is a style, a style many of you have not figured out. So when you listen to a mix like this, you know what to expect... I sifted through numerous songs to pick these out, which i think represent good independent hiphop. I try to NOT play the full songs in my mixes, and give you a taste of several artists. If you like them, you can go buy the full songs or full albums and support the movement properly. This is all new music so these artists need your support, look out for their new albums. I myself am just finishing up my new album which will drop late summer/ early fall... the new album is titled "IT IS WHAT IT ISN'T" and features over 35 MCees, both legends and new artists... I chose to use this picture as the artwork for this mix, because rap truly is out of control... When people believe and support an idiot like Rick Ross it goes to show you how ignorant the world is. His own name is a lie. Anyways, back to reality....

1-Eclipse Rap is Outta Control Intro - Kool G Rap n AG

2-Comin' 4 U (solar diss) - Big Shug

3-Occupy All Streets - Sean Price

4-4 Finger Ring - Trez

5-Golden State (of mind) - Copywrite feat Casual, Evidence n Roc Marciano

6-Walk Hard - Gangrene

7-I do Whatever I want - Homeboy Sandman

8-Fuck Rappers - Planet Asia feat Fashawn

9-Early 90's - Double AB, Karniege, Torae

10-Just Rhymin' w Skizz - Dj Skillz n Problems

11-Rise n Shoot - D Strong feat Prince Po

12-New York City - Punchline n SoulClap  feat Torae, Ruste Juxx

13-All or Nothing - Asylum Lifetime

14-Times Up - Mike Flo

15-People's Champ - OC n Apollo Brown

16-That Nigga Crazy - Show n AG

17-Power of Rhyme - Craig G n Marco Polo

18-Nautica - OC n Apollo Brown

19-Berri Love - Show n AG

20-Takin' Over - Illa Ghee

21-UndagroundGoOn - Dj Premier n Bumpy Knuckles

22-No Apologies - Planet Asia n Raekwon

23-Hardest from the Underground - Ruste Juxx

24-All Day - KRS-One

25-Knock on my Door - Wordsworth

26-Dead Pool - Rah BoomBap

27-Easter - Artifacts & Dj Dutchmaster

28-Biters - Dj Soko feat Guilty Simpson

29-Get the City - Neek the Exotic n Bumpy Knuckles

30-Wolves - Show n AG feat OC

31-Gregory Heinz - Soul Khan n J57

32-Effortless - Craig G feat Chaundon n Big Pooh

33-Pushin' Aside Pushin' Along - De La's Plug 1 n 2

34-I'm good - Erick Sermon

35-Today - Jay Love

36-Kaboom - Punchline n SoulClap feat Stricklin, Masta Ace & Wordsworth

37-Takeit2theTop - Dj Premier n Bumpy Knuckles

38-Thug Poets - 1982 feat Roc Marciano n Havoc

39-Miles White - Gee Dubs

40-Greatest Force - Truth

41-When You Sleep - Dj Numark feat Large Pro

42-Elite Status - J57 feat Rasheed Chappell

43-Holy Smokes - Mr. Complex

44-Freak Rock - Pep Love

45-Wily Coyote - Phesto Dee

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